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Stirling Ridge VALORIE

5 yrs & still 17 micron fleece!

Alpaca , Huacaya , Bred (Female) |Proven |Beige

AOA# 35355960 | DOB: 7/27/2016 (6 yrs)  | Due Date: 9/20/2023


A FINE DENSE stud, 18.0 on 8th shearing!


Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Dark Brown, Bay Black

AOA# 32648096 DOB: 7/24/201210 yrs
How do you say SIMPLY GORGEOUS?...we say EPHRAIM! From his incredible head to his toes, the coverage of fine, crimpy fleece will take your breath away. We had originally thought we would send a Diomedes daughter to Colorado to pair with Tuscan Gold, but somehow Athena drew that straw. The minute she delivered Ephraim we knew it had been the right choice. She has always produced dark offspring from light sires, but this shiny black cria was a beautiful surprise, and there were more to come. ...
  | AOA# 32648096 | Dark Brown, Bay Black
Dam: Diomedes' VANORA of Stirling Ridge

13 yrs: 22 micron and 1% EPD FW

Diomedes' VANORA of Stirling Ridge

Huacaya Open (Female) White

AOA# 31414920 DOB: 9/19/200814 yrs
Vanora was bred to Grazing Hills Bradford and birthed a gorgeous girl on 6/17/2020 named Kaeleigh. They both have amazing fleece with the super inherited quality of lingering fineness and we fully expect this cria to follow in their impressive steps. This is such a beautiful cria, we rebred Vanora to Bradford for a 2021 cria born 8/11/2021. It's a boy! A dandy beautiful boy! Vanora's 2020 histogram is now posted—super nice! Click on "histogram" for the full report. She has consistently been o ...
  | AOA# 31414920 | White
Service Sire: Grazing Hills Bradford

17.9 micron at 10 yrs, CF 99.6%!

Grazing Hills Bradford

Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Medium Fawn

AOA# 32173253 DOB: 6/26/201012 yrs
We are EXTREMELY happy to have acquired BRADFORD from Grazing Hills Alpacas! Bradford is the half brother of our dearly departed Dirk. Both are sons of Accoyo-America DIOMEDES who is now deceased. Diomedes has imprinted his handsome head and his amazing fleece characteristics to these sons of his and for that reason we jumped at the chance to have another Diomedes boy on the farm! Bradford x Vanora = Kaeleigh: our first Bradford baby born on the farm June 2020. She's a beaut! Kaeleigh tu ...
  | AOA# 32173253 | Medium Fawn
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Valorie is now bred to Flying Dutchman Alpacas Deacon Grey Silver BLADE (MSG) for a September 2023 cria. Can't wait to see what this combo brings! There's a good chance we will get a grey! Excited!

Valorie has our best alpaca, Vanora, as her mama and the beautiful bay black Grazing Hills Ephraim as her sire. She was bred to gorgeous Grazing Hills Hezekiah and had her first cria in June of 2020. We've been wanting a Hezekiah breeding for several years, to get those Running Late genetics on the farm--this has produced a gorgeous light fawn female, Joeleigh. Valorie is a very good mama, super laid back and calm. In 2022, she gave us JAXXON, one good-lookin' white male with gorgeous fleece.

Between her dam and sire, look at the genetics behind this female: Pperuvian Leon, Peruvian Hemingway, PPPeruvian Augusto, 4Peruvian Starr Khan, PPPeruvian Cahuide, Sunny Mesa's Tuscan Gold, Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus, and Accoyo America Diomedes. Goodness!

Valorie is just a doll: a calm, sweet little beauty with absolutely crimpy, GORGEOUS apricot fleece and LOTS of it. Her mom, Vanora, has sheared 9 LBS. of 19 micron fleece for us in the past and Ephraim sheared a 4 LB. blanket at 10 months, so we expected that Valorie would have a very fine, but heavy-weight fleece. And she hasn't proved us wrong!

She is one of our smallest girls, but shears the heaviest fleece on the farm, while being a very fine fleece (17 micron).
16 micron at 3 years! 17 micron at 4 years! Amazing! You don't usually see the combination of a fine micron (top 8% in the nation) with a heavy fleece weight (top 1%)!

2021 EPD results:
TOP 8% AFD , value - 1.532, her cria will likely have a finer fleece
Ranked 33% for SDAFD, value - 0.178, her cria will likely have a more uniform fiber diameter
TOP 10% SF, value - 1.452, her cria will likely have a lower spin fineness
Ranked 32% for %F>30, value - 3.141, her cria will likely have a lower % of fibers greater than 30 micron
Ranked 75% for MC, value - 0.479, her cria will likely have a lesser frequency crimp than average
SDMC, value +.140, assesses the uniformity of curvature
Ranked 73% for %M, value +.414, her cria will likely have more % fiber medullation
However, "the full impact of medullation remains a question at this point in time" (quote from Yocom-McColl Fiber Labs).
TOP 4% MSL, value 3.248, her cria will likely have a longer staple length
TOP 0.33% FW, value 1.141, her cria will likely have a more heavy fleece weight In this characteristic she ranked 171 out of 51,192 animals in the EPD results! Fine, long, heavy = DENSITY
BW, value 0.17, her cria will likely be a bit heavier for birth weighter
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/05/201715.3 4.4 28.7 SF 16.0 CF 99.0%, staple 98.4mm, curve 36.8, sheared 5.88 lbs.
06/04/201815.2 3.7 24.1 SF 15.2 CF 99.4%, staple 88.2mm, curve 49.0mm, sheared 6.56 lbs.
06/05/201916.2 4.1 25.4 SF 16.4 CF 99.0, staple 99.4mm, curve 40.9, sheared 6.95 lbs.!
06/02/202017.1 4.3 24.9 SF 17.2 CF 99.2%, staple 96mm, curve 41.2, sheared 7.0 lbs!
06/02/202117.4 4.4 25.4 SF 17.6 CF 98.5, MSL 111mm, curve 48.9, sheared 6.04 lbs
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