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Welcome to Stirling Ridge Alpacas

<B>None Finer!</B>

Falling temperatures and falling prices! One of our newly listed yearlings has already SOLD! We think you will be impressed with their histograms—2023 EPD results coming JAN 2024 and we have no doubt they're gonna be GOOD!
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With ALPACAS PURCHASED (over $1500) you get:

FREE BOARD for 1 month.

FREE DELIVERY within 100 miles (and discount for deliveries over 100 miles or alpacas under $1500).

PREGNANT females guaranteed pregnant by ultrasound at Washington State University (WSU) before being shipped AND
HALF-PRICE stud fees to any of our males when your purchased female is ready to breed.

MALES guaranteed able to breed by breeding soundness exam at WSU before delivery to your farm or your money back.

FULL reproductive and 14-day live cria guarantees.

FREE Camelid Dynamics halter (best on the market!) with each alpaca purchased.

Wish you could own alpacas, but you don't have the land, the barn, the farm? We've got a solution for you! Try our RENT-A-WOMB program! Kenzie was our first girl used in our rent-a-womb program and her cria is now owned by David & Lauren. They chose Kenzie to breed and paid a monthly fee while she was pregnant and she stayed on the farm. They got her bred to a ribbon-winning stud from a local farm. Or you can choose from our own studs too and get a major discount on their breeding fees (see our excellent boy Bradford!) Choose one of our females and "rent" her in our program. We'll get the female bred, transport her to WSU for pregnancy check ultrasounds, care for her until she births. The cria is yours and you can board it here. (Or maybe now you have your own farm!) You now own an alpaca! YOU can be involved every step of the way. Call for more details. Total cost can be under $1500 for a stellar cria!

Herdsires? We have great neighboring farms with beautiful herdsires to use for our girls. We bought Bradford for our farm and also have our own up and coming boy, Locksley, who will make a good match—use our boys and get a significant discount!

Located in Moscow, Idaho, our small farm and bed & breakfast is nestled in the rolling hills of the northern panhandle area of Idaho called the "Palouse." We're just 15 miles from Washington State University Veterinary Hospital (WSU). The camelid doctors at WSU are our expert vets. Pre-breeding checks determine the best time for breeding using ultrasound. Once bred, the females are periodically checked to assure they've retained their pregnancy. Your girls will get the same care as ours while here.

Boarding services are our specialty. If your girls are experiencing problems getting pregnant, staying pregnant, or your boys aren't "shooting bullets" the vetsf at WSU will figure out the problem! Reduce expenses by keeping your animals on our farm instead of being boarded at WSU. Your alpacas will have outdoor access with pasture in their own safe, quarantined pens on our farm. We charge $3/day + transport charges for WSU visits.

We also have a comfortable and cozy B&B room for visitors ($129/night for private entry queen room + tax). The B&B is free if during your stay you buy an alpaca (or two)! We'll show you how to feed, water, halter, walk, train, clip toenails, trim teeth, even how to expertly poop-scoop! Ask all the questions you want so you can learn about these fun and captivating creatures! We are here to support you in your alpaca venture whether you buy from us or not.