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EILONWY of Stirling Ridge

Fawn beauty!

Alpaca , Huacaya , Open (Female) |Unproven |Medium Fawn

AOA# 32783414 | DOB: 8/5/2015 (8 yrs)

Sire: Diomedes' LOGAN of Stirling Ridge
Dam: FINNEANA of Stirling Ridge

Excellent fiber animal

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Her 2023 histogram results are very nice! EPD stats are EXCELLENT too! Look at the sidebar to see her stats!

Eilonwy is named after Princess Eilonwy in the Chronicles of Prydain book series by Lloyd Alexander. Her name is pronounced eye-LAWN-wee.

Eilonwy has a reproductive problem that cannot be corrected, and she cannot be bred. What a shame because her EPD is wonderful. Use her as a beautiful fleece animal!

She is the product of a line breeding between Finneana and Logan, both having the beautiful Accoyo America Diomedes as their sire. Diomedes was bought by a farm in Canada and is now deceased--a beautiful sire. Diomedes ranked in the TOP 1% in the 2013 EPD stats for all these: AFD, SDAFD, SF %F>30, MC, SDMC. Phenomenal! That means this gal has a double dose of Hemingway, Accoyo Sicuani, Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus and Caligula! Quite the heavy genetic lineup!

Eilonwy has a white star on her head. Her medium fawn blanket is solid and lightens under her belly and down her legs to light fawn with white sprinkles on her legs.

Both her dam and sire are big animals and as you can see she has a fairly large frame as well. She has a bit jumpy personality, but we are working on it!

If you are interested in her as a pet or fleece animal, let's talk!
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/10/2016AFD 22.9 SD 4.0 CV 17.6 3.7>30, sheared 5.8 lbs at 10 month clip
06/05/201715.7 3.6 22.7 CF 99.0%, SF 15.5, staple 69.6mm, curve 67.3, sheared 3.23 lbs.
06/04/201818.0 3.7 20.4 CF 99.2%, SF 17.5, staple 66.0mm, curve 56.4, sheared 4.0 lbs.
06/05/201920.7 4.4 21.5 SF 20.2 CF 97.5, staple 83.6mm, curve 43.5, sheared 5.64 lbs.
06/02/202019.0 3.9 20.8 SF 18.4 CF 99.1, staple 77mm, curve 49.5, sheared 5.88 lbs.
06/02/202122.1 4.8 21.6 SF 21.6 5.1>30 CF 49.9, staple 85mm, curve 50.6, sheared 5.18 lb
06/07/202221.5 4.8 22.2 SF 21.1 CF 95.8%, staple 71mm, curve 48.9, sheared 4.29 lbs.
06/03/202322.5 4.1 18.1 SF 21.4 CF 96.5%, staple 72mm, curve 50.6, sheared 4.69 lbs.
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