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Stirling Ridge WALLACE


Alpaca , Huacaya , Herdsire (Male) |Proven |Medium Fawn

AOA# 30432840 | DOB: 10/17/2006 (16 yrs)

Sire: Victor's Julius
Dam: FIONA of Stirling Ridge

Sweetest personality

FIONA of Stirling Ridge

Huacaya Open (Female) White

AOA# 847151 DOB: 5/28/200320 yrs
Dear Fiona: She's one of our favorites in personality being mellow-tempered, sweet-faced, easygoing, and inquisitive. She's the oldest animal on the farm now and just celebrated her 20th birthday in May of this year! That's pretty ancient for an alpaca. We've never made it to 20 with any of our alpacas so we are rooting for her! She is not for sale, is retired, and has earned her pasture ornament status big time. She still has a decent histogram and EPD stats, which you can see in the sideba ...
  | AOA# 847151 | White



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Wallace is being sold for this price as a fiber boy. If you are starting a fiber herd, or adding to it, he would make a great addition! He's got a Grade 3 fleece which is one of the most versatile and useable grades to make a wide range of items. He is a gentleman and very easy to handle. He is still quite capable of breeding, but no breeding guarantees are given at this price. If you would like to buy him as a stud, please read on below!

Notice Wallace's TWELVE YEAR histogram: 20.6 micron with a 98.6% comfort factor!

2022 EPD results at 16 years:
AFD, -0.594, ranked 44%, likely to give his cria a lower fiber diameter
SDAFD, -0.231, ranked 33%, likely to give his cria a lower standard deviation
SF, -0.647, ranked 41%, his cria likely to have a lower spin fineness
%F>30, -4.896, TOP 20%, his cria likely to have less fibers greater than 30 micron
MC, +1.3, ranked 38%, his cria more likely to have higher mean curve
SDMC, +0.223, indicates how much variation there is from average (not ranked)
%M, +3.146, ranked 96%, his cria more likely to have medullated fibers. However, "The full impact of medullation remains a question at this point in time" (quoted from Yocom-McColl).
MSL, -1.421, his cria likely to have a shorter staple length, ranked 73%
FW, +0.334, his cria likely to have slightly higher fleece weight, ranked 33%
BW, +.028, his cria likely to have slightly higher birth weight (not ranked)

If you would like to buy him to use him in your breeding program and would like a breeding guarantee, please add $500 to his current price. Included in his purchase AS STUD, Wallace will go to WSU for a breeding soundness and health exam. If he doesn't check out for some reason, your money will be refunded completely (less the cost of the breeding soundness exam).

Wallace is a big boy, but nicely balanced; the grey is showing, he's a VICTOR grandson. Nice topline, nice bite, nice everything! Notice those nice steady histogram stats over the years. That is an excellent and heritable trait.

He has beautiful fiber character with glossy, crimpy locks with a bolder amplitude. He's a medium fawn (taking after his famous grandsire, Victor) with white ankle bracelets, white under the chin, white snips on his head, and very excitingly, GREY on his face, head, neck, and legs. No spots on the blanket, just white extremities. There is a lot of grey in his sire's background. Wallace's sire, Julius, has produced many offspring that have won in the showring--ribbon after ribbon.

I love Wallie! He's one of our easiest boys to handle and my favorite for personality: calm, quiet, very gentle and easy to manage. He's straight in the legs, upright in posture, bright, alert, and carries excellent fiber qualities. He's gotten his girls pregnant on the first breeding and is a gentleman, eager but responds to handling.
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/05/20077.5 mo: 20.7 5.0 24.0 CF 95.7 CRV 29
06/05/2008(19 mo) 24.0 4.6 19.0 CF 91.5 CRV 29 Sheared 6.34 lbs.
06/02/2009(32 mo) 25.4 4.5 17.8 CF 86.6 CRV 30 Sheared 7.9 lbs. (OFDA)
06/02/2009(32 mo) 23.6 4.6 19.5 CF 93.5, Sheared 7.9 lbs. (Yocom-McColl)
05/26/2010(44 mo) 23.8 4.2 17.5 93.4 CF
05/28/201124.6 4.4 17.7 CF 91.3, sheared 6.92 lbs.
06/09/201225.4 4.6 18.2 13.5%>30 CF 86.5
06/12/201321.2 4.4 20.6 CF 97.2%, spin fineness 20.6, staple 68.2mm, curve 47.5, sheared 5 lbs.
06/11/201419.0 3.5 18.6 CF 99.1%, sheared 4.34 lbs.
06/09/201519.4 4.1 21.0 CF 98.7%, SF 18.9, staple 60.6mm, curve 47.4, sheared 3.63 lbs.
06/05/201720.5 4.4 21.2 CF 97.7%, SF 20, staple 65.8mm, curve 43.8, sheared 4.44 lbs.
06/04/201820.6 3.9 18.7 SF 19.7 CF 98.6%, staple 64.0mm, curve 48.7, sheared 4.86 lbs.
06/05/201922.8 4.5 19.6 SF 21.9 CF 94.9, staple 69.8mm, curve 36.6, sheared 4.92 lbs.
06/02/202020.3 3.6 17.7 SF 19.2 CF 99, staple 64mm, curve 41.7, sheared 5.02 lbs.
06/02/202123.6 5.1 21.7 SF 23.1 CF 93.2 MSL 76mm, curve 49.3, sheared 4.52 lbs
06/07/202223.6 4.5 19.1 SF 22.6 CF 93.1%, staple 70mm, curve 46.6, sheared 4.52 lbs
06/03/202325.7 5.3 20.5 SF 24.9 CF 85.1%, staple 81mm, curve 44.5, sheared 4.49 lbs
Purchase Terms

We realize everyone's situation is different and we are willing to draw up terms agreeable to both parties. Don't hesitate to ask for a plan that works for you.

Updated 9/2/2023