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MAISIE of Stirling Ridge

SWEET temperament; from BUENO lines

Alpaca , Huacaya , Open (Female) |Unproven |Beige

AOA# 31414883 | DOB: 7/17/2008

Sire: Thunder Moon Casper
  | 31414883 | White |
Dam: FIONA of Stirling Ridge

Sweetest personality

FIONA of Stirling Ridge

Huacaya Open (Female) White

AOA# 847151 DOB: 5/28/200320 yrs
Dear Fiona: She's one of our favorites in personality being mellow-tempered, sweet-faced, easygoing, and inquisitive. She's the oldest animal on the farm now and just celebrated her 20th birthday in May of this year! That's pretty ancient for an alpaca. We've never made it to 20 with any of our alpacas so we are rooting for her! She is not for sale, is retired, and has earned her pasture ornament status big time. She still has a decent histogram and EPD stats, which you can see in the sideba ...
  | AOA# 847151 | White


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We want to downsize and are offering Maisie at an incredible price.

Add $250 and you get to choose which of our boys you would like to breed her to, including Dirk whose breeding fee is $1000. IF YOU WANT, you may leave her here on our farm until she births. Your cost will be $30/month once she is confirmed pregnant.

You may choose a breeding to our low-micron Dirk, McTavish, or Logan. DIRK won the 2014 AOA National Spin-Off. Check out their past and present EPD statistics and histograms. SUPER! These boys no doubt can "fine down" Maisie's fleece stats!

Maisie's 2016 EPD stats indicate what she will likely do for her cria:
AFD, value +.284, she may add slightly to cria's fiber diameter
SDAFD, value +.052, she may add slightly to deviation of AFD
Spin Fineness, value +.297, she may add slightly to SF
%F>30, value —.888, she will help lessen % of fibers >30
Mean Curvature, value +1.293, she will add to the curve or crimp
SDMC, value +.672, she will likely add to the uniformity of the crimp
%Medullation, value +2.864, she will likely add medullation
Mean Staple Length, value +.359, she will likely add to the length of staple
Fleece Weight, +.524, she will likely have cria with higher FW
Birth Weight, —.209, she will likely have cria a little lower in BW (but accuracy .037)
Maisie has several fleece characteristics that could be improved (and we have the boys to do it!), and she has several characteristics that are great!

Sweet, sweet, sweet Maisie's our PR girl when folks come to the farm, easy to handle and the perfect paca to have people get their hands on. At our farm days September 2010 she was our animal of choice for the approximately 364 hands that wanted to pet her! She was perfectly mannered the whole two days.

Maisie is ready to be bred and has her entire breeding career before her. Maisie inherits from famous Bueno, Fandango, Vengador, and Caligula lines, is very calm, and has soft-handling beige fiber. She has black-pigmented skin on her face so we think she can throw much darker than her own color.

Reproductive and 14-day live birth guarantees apply along with ultrasounds, free boarding for 1 month, and free delivery within 100 miles. To see the terms of contract, click "MORE" on the bar above, then CONTRACT for Purchase of Proven Female.

You might also consider our RENT-A-WOMB plan with her. You choose one of the many excellent studs available locally to our farm and pay the stud fee. Choose one of our studs and take 25% off their current stud fee. Our girl stays here on the farm and you pay a reduced monthly "rental" fee of $60/month until she delivers. You get to use our alpaca to produce the cria of your choice without the expense of buying an adult female or tending her for 11 or more months. If you later want to buy her before she births, you can subtract whatever you paid in boarding fees from her price. Interes
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/02/200921.6 5.3 24.4 CF 92.8 CRV 34 Staple 110mm, Sheared 4.7 lbs. @ 10.5 mos.
05/26/201021.4 5.2 24.2 6.6>30, sheared 4.68 lbs.
05/28/2011Unfortunately, we missed getting a sample! Sheared 4.97 lbs.
06/09/201224.4 5.8 23.7 14.2%>30
06/12/201323.2 5.6 24.3 CF 89.5, staple 78.8mm, curve 47.1, sheared 5.9 lbs.
06/11/201424.9 5.9 23.6 CF 84.9%, sheared 5.93 lbs.
06/09/201524.0 5.7 23.6 CF 88.4%, curve 44.3, staple 67.8mm, sheared 5.02 lbs.
06/05/201722.7 5.7 24.9 CF 90.4, SF 22.9, curve 49.1, staple 65.2mm, sheared 5.14 lbs.
Purchase Terms

We realize everyone's situation is different and we are willing to draw up terms agreeable to both parties. Don't hesitate to ask for a plan that works for you.

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