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Stirling Ridge McCHEYNE

Fiber boy with nice fleece!

Alpaca , Huacaya , Male |Unproven |Medium Fawn

AOA# 35317364 | DOB: 9/27/2013 (10 yrs)

Sire: Diomedes' DIRK of Stirling Ridge
Dam: Rubio's RHIANNON of Stirling Ridge

Sturdy stock; gray genetics

Rubio's RHIANNON of Stirling Ridge

Huacaya Open (Female) White

AOA# 31949408 DOB: 6/1/200914 yrs
Here's one pretty, easy keeping little lady with a fleece that's SO USEABLE! Yes, she may be 14, but she's in great shape and I have no doubt she can carry a cria just fine. She can be bred to our amazing Bradford or Locksley for this price, so you get two in this deal! You should expect to get a cria with a finer fleece by these boys. Or change up the sire and breed outside our farm to a black herdsire. I'd suggest Sir Galahad standing stud at Grazing Hills Ranch (added stud fee though). Rhian ...
  | AOA# 31949408 | White

Small, sturdy, handsome!

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We are aiming to downsize our herd.
Also be sure to check out McCheyne in our package deals where his price is even better!

McCheyne (pronounced McShane) is a handsome little lad with a great heritage.
He produces a wonderfully versatile and useable fiber. It's Grade 3, great for mittens, hats, scarves, socks.
He is being sold here as a fiber boy with no breeding guarantees.

His 2022 EPD results:
Ranked 31% for AFD value —0.89, his cria will likely have a finer fleece
Ranked 26% for SDAFD, value — 0.279: his cria will likely have a more uniform fiber diameter
Ranked 29% for SF, value —0.942: his cria will likely have a lower spin fineness
Ranked 32% for %F>30, value —3.867, his cria will likely have a lower % of fibers greater than 30 micron
Ranked 26.6% for MC, value 2.057, his cria will likely have a higher frequency crimp than average
SDMC, value 0.713, assesses the uniformity of curvature
Ranked 28% for %M, value —1.924: his cria will likely have less % fiber medullation
Ranked 95% for MSL, value —4.058, his cria will likely have a shorter staple length
Ranked 74% for FW, value —0.02, his cria will likely have a bit less heavy fleece weight
BW, value —0.07 his cria will likely be a bit less for birth weight

His dam is Rhiannon, who has quite the genetic lineup: Caligula, Don Julio, Rosario, Bueno, Cloud 9 Comet (MSG). His sire, Dirk, also has an impressive background: Hemingway, Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus, Guellermo, Michelangelo, Onyx de Mico, Caligua, Accoyo America Diomedes!

McCheyne, as you can see in the second picture with my husband, is quite small! He gained weight as a cria until he reached 40 lbs., then was stuck there for quite awhile. We had him checked for parasites, which revealed nothing. Quite a bit later, we got him checked again to find that he had the elusive Emac. Once treated for that, he continued to gain weight, but he is small. The vet said that Emac definitely could have stunted his growth. It wouldn't surprise me though if he produces average sized cria.

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/11/2014AFD 18.5 SD 4.6 CV 25.1 18.7 Spin Fineness 1.8%>30, 98.2 CF, staple 96.8mm, Curve 38.1, sheared 3.5 lbs. at 9 mos.
06/09/2015AFD 16.8 SD 4.2 CV 25 16.9 Spin Fineness, 0.7%>30, 99.3 CF, staple 81.4mm, Curve 47.5, sheared 4.2 lbs.
06/10/2016AFD 20.0 SD 5.0 CV25 20.2 Spin fineness, 2.7%>30, 97.3 CF, staple 78.2mm, Curve 41.1, sheared 3.718 lbs.
06/05/2017AFD 16.4 SD 3.8 CV 23.0 SF 16.2, CF 99.3%, staple 67.8mm, curve 49.7, sheared 3.92 lbs.
06/04/201818.9 4.0 21.1 SF 18.4 CF 99.0%, staple 62.8mm, curve 44.5mm, sheared 4.22 lbs.
06/05/201920.8 4.6 21.9 SF 20.4 CF 97.0, staple 66.2mm, curve 42.1, sheared 4.59 lbs.
06/02/202019.8 4.1 20.4 SF 19.2 CF 98.7 Staple 61mm, curve 45.4, sheared 4.97 lbs.
06/02/202122.1 5.1 22.8 SF 21.9 CF 94.5 MSL 79mm, curve 47.4, sheared 4.49 lbs
06/07/202222.6 4.7 20.9 SF 21.9 CF 94.5%, staple 65mm, curve 47.4, sheared 3.92 lbs
06/03/202324.2 5.0 20.6 SF 23.4 CF 90.7%, staple 68mm, curve 48.1, sheared 4.475 lbs
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