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TOP 8.5% Fleece length in nation!

Alpaca , Huacaya , Open (Female) |Proven |White

AOA# 35317357 | DOB: 6/21/2016 (8 yrs)

Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend
Dam: Stirling Ridge MUIREALL


Stirling Ridge MUIREALL

Huacaya Open (Female) Medium Brown

AOA# 30933460 DOB: 6/25/200717 yrs
BIG THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Martinez from Chasing Rainbows Alpaca Farm for buying Muireall and her 2021 male cria! Blessings on your adventure and hoping Muireall is a big part of it! 2020 EPD results: Ranked 52% for AFD, value —.213: her cria are likely to have a finer fleece than the breed average Ranked 85% for SDAFD, value .119: her cria are likely to have a higher SD than the breed average Ranked 55% for Spin Fineness, value —.168: her cria are like to have an SF ...
  | AOA# 30933460 | Medium Brown

Grazing Hills Stud Muffin!


Huacaya Herdsire (Male) True Black

DOB: 6/22/201113 yrs
Voted most-likely to be our up and coming stud muffin. He is eye catching among the herd. Antonio of Golden Pine is a highly improved, calm, manageable true black herdsire who retains his dense, fine fiber. 2021 Histogram: AFD: 22.7 SD: 4.1 CV: 18.1 %>30: 4.5% 2020 Histogram: AFD: 19.9 SD: 5.0 CV: 25.4 %>30: 3.0 2017 AFD is 20.9. SD is 4.4 CV is 21.1 %>30 is 4.5 2016 AFD is 22.4 SD is 5.0 CV ...

Easy pregnancy, good mama

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Khloë's claim to fame is the LONG staple length she puts on her babies. Her cria from 2022, Iona, has amazing length of 5 1/2" and as a yearling she sold quickly because of it!

Khlo-khlo just had another beige female cria in June of 2024, the result of a breeding to true black Antonio of Golden Pines who has a 22.7 micron in his 10th year! If you buy Khloë only, we will have to wait to get her to you until this latest cria is weaned at about 6 months. Or you can buy both of them in a package deal, which is also at auction.

Click on her EPD stats on the side bar. Here's what she is predicted to give her cria from the latest 2023 EPD results:
Ranked 35% for AFD value —0.639, her offspring are likely to have a finer AFD than average
Ranked 54% for SDAFD value —0.064, her offspring are likely to have a lower standard deviation than average
Ranked 35% for Spin Fineness value —0.63, her offspring are likely to have a lower SF than average
Ranked 36% for %F>30 value —2.93, her offspring are likely to have less % of fibers>30 micron than average
Ranked 26% for Mean Curve, value 1.717, her offspring are likely to have more curve
Ranked 86% for %Medullation, value +1.208 her offspring are likely to have more M than average. However, "The full impact of medullation remains a question at this point in time" (quote from Yocom-McColl labs).
TOP 8.43% for Mean Staple Length, value +2.257 , her offspring are likely to have a longer SL than average
TOP 21% for Fleece Weight value +0.398, her offspring are likely to have a heavier FW than average

Khloë's 3rd year histogram was even better than her second year! We are EXCITED to have our first Snowmass offspring and she has grown into a lovely lady, proven with an easy & unassisted birth, healthy & hearty cria, lots of milk, and now rebred.

Khloë's sire is Snowmass Snow Legend who has quite a remarkable background. Snow Legend is son of one of the most unique full Accoyo sires in the US, Snowmass Incaaccoyo Star (I-Star), who was sired by the one and only Peruvian Snowmaster. I-Star passed on his great conformation to Legend including bite, straight legs, & straight top line, as well as his FANTASTIC fiber with a tight and uniform crimp, lock structure, density, coverage, soft handle & bundling and luster. Khlo's dam is our own Muireall, a beautiful medium brown girl with lots of Acero Marka genetics.

Khloë is named after our first granddaughter, Chloë. We initially thought our Khloë was going to be born on our granddaughter's birthday--that didn't quite turn out, but we kept the name anyway and our granddaughter was delighted with our choice!

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/05/201714.2 3.9 27.8 SF 14.7 CF 99.3%, Staple 123.6mm, curve 66.4, sheared 4.70 lbs.
06/04/201820.5 4.7 22.9 SF 20.3 CF 96.8%, Staple 94.8mm, curve 43.4mm, sheared 5.03 lbs.
06/05/201917.8 4.5 25.2 SF 18.0 CF 99.2, staple 96.4mm, curve 53.3, sheared 5.06 lbs.
06/02/202018.5 4.0 21.6 SF 18.1 CF 99.2%, staple 83mm, curve 46.9, sheared 5.06 lbs.
06/02/202120.7 4.8 23.1 SF 20.5 CF 97.2 MSL 95mm, curve 51.8, sheared 4.81 lbs
06/07/202222.6 4.7 20.5 SF 21.9 CF 95.6%, Staple 78mm, curve 48.9, sheared 4.71 lbs
06/03/202324.1 5.2 21.4 SF 23.5 CF 92.2, staple 84mm, curvve 47.9, sheared 4.225 lbs
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