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Stirling Ridge KENZIE

18 yrs old & a TOTAL SWEETIE PIE!

Alpaca , Huacaya , Open (Female) |Proven |White

AOA# 1023398 | DOB: 6/2/2005 (18 yrs)

Sire: Onyx de Mico
Dam: CMR Bolivian KUPCAKE
Service Sire: Grazing Hills BRADFORD

21.5 micron at 13 yrs, CF 95%!

Grazing Hills BRADFORD

Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Medium Fawn

AOA# 32173253 DOB: 6/26/201013 yrs
We are EXTREMELY happy to have acquired BRADFORD from Grazing Hills Alpacas! Bradford is the half brother of our dearly departed Dirk. Both are sons of Accoyo-America DIOMEDES who is now deceased. Diomedes imprinted his handsome head and his amazing fleece characteristics to these sons of his and for that reason we jumped at the chance to have another Diomedes boy on the farm! Bradford x Vanora = Kaeleigh: our first Bradford baby born on the farm June 2020. She's a beaut! Kaeleigh is so ...
  | AOA# 32173253 | Medium Fawn

Retired and sweet

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Kenzie was bred to Bradford and she produced a beautiful dark fawn girl, Rosheen (little Rose) with dark points in Sept 2021. She has produced two of our best boys from Diomedes' breedings. Diomedes is deceased and our two Diomedes boys are also in alpaca heaven. We liked Diomedes so well, we bought Bradford, a Diomedes son, with a 17 micron fleece at 10 years.

Kenzie is now retired from breeding but would make a wonderful pet, fiber animal, companion, or pasture ornament! She is still producing a Grade 3 fine fleece, one of the most useable grades for socks, hats, and mittens! Soft and sturdy.

2022 EPD RESULTS (at 17 years):
Ranked 76% for AFD, value —.051 meaning her cria should have a finer fleece than breed average
Ranked 37% SDAFD, value —.177, her cria should have a more uniform fleece than breed average
Ranked 60% for Spin Fineness, value —.101, her cria should have a lower SF than breed average
Ranked 27% for %F>30, value —3.732, her cria should have less micron >30 than breed average
Top 18% for Mean Curvature, value 2.326, her cria should have more crimp than breed average
Ranked 43% for %Medullation, value —.755, her cria should have less medullated fiber than breed average
Ranked 91% for Mean Staple Length, value -2.899, her cria likely to have a shorter staple length
Top 12% for Fleece Weight, value +.532, her cria should have a FW heavier than breed average
Birth Weight, value -.17, her cria will likely have a lower birth weight

Kenzie's look and fiber quality are what we like: shorter muzzle, triangular head, great histogram and fiber qualities, nice conformation. And she has a VERY calm temperament and is easy to work with, even pregnant. She'll pick up her feet and let you look in her mouth, easily. She is a beautiful animal and about as sweet an alpaca as you'll ever find. Her kids learn that nice behavior from her and they are as well behaved as mama is.

First cria, Dirk, was an easy delivery; second cria McTavish delivered in 8 minutes; same with baby #3, Rosie! She's a very good mama and has plenty of milk. We love this girl because she's a beauty herself and has produced some of our best cria.

Her initial histogram as a cria was AFD 14.5 with a curve factor of 35.5. Her histogram has been holding steady with fineness and consistency even when she was 13 years, a GREAT quality she passed on to her two stellar sons.

Kenzie is out of our best dam, Kupcake (now long departed), and my assessment is that the daughter has surpassed the mother. With Kenzie's sire, Onyx de Mico (bay black) and his Michaelangelo/Guellermo genetics, she has been one of our top-of-the-line females.

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/05/200514.5 3.5 24.0 CF 100 CRV 35.5
06/05/200621.1 4.5 21.2 CF 95.9 CRV 36.6 Sheared 7 lbs.
06/05/200722.7 4.2 18.5 CF 95.0 CRV 42.5 Sheared 6.4 lbs.
06/05/200825.1 4.5 17.9 CF 89.3 CRV 42.0 Sheared 7.44 lbs.
06/02/2009(4 yrs) 24.8 4.6 18.6 CF 92.6, sheared 5.75 lbs.
05/26/2010(5 yrs) 24.1 5.0 20.6 92.7 CF, sheared 5.93 lbs.
05/28/2011(6 yrs) 24.7 4.6 18.8 7.8%>30, sheared 6.0 lbs.
06/09/2012(7 yrs) 28.0 5.3 18.8 21.3%>30 (OFDA)
06/12/201322.5 4.1 18.3 CF 95.5, curve 54.5, staple 59.4mm, spin fineness 21.4, sheared 5.75 lbs.
06/11/201422.2 5.0 22.4 CF 93.2% sheared 5.34 lbs.
06/09/201521.6 4.6 21.2 CF 95.1%, curve 53.0, staple 51.2mm, SF 21.1, sheared 4.30 lbs.
06/10/201622.5 4.7 20.9 CF 94.3%, curve 53.0, staple 62.2mm, SF 21.9, sheared 4.75 lbs.
06/05/201724.8 5.4 21.9 CF 90.2%, curve 44.9, staple 54.0mm, SF 24.3, sheared 4.33 lbs.
06/04/201822.1 4.6 20.6 SF 21.4 CF 95.7, curve 54.3, staple 53.4mm, sheared 4.42 lbs.
06/05/201923.3 5.5 23.7 SF 23.3 CF 92.5, staple 60.0mm, curve 52.8, sheared 5.0 lbs.
06/02/202022.5 4.5 19.9 SF 21.7 CF 95.7 Staple 65mm, Curve 41.1, sheared 5.83 lbs
06/02/202124.6 5.1 20.7 SF 23.9 CF 90.4 MSL 76mm, curve 47.9, sheared 4.9 lbs
06/07/202224.8 5.2 20.8 SF 24.1 CF 89.6%, staple 68mm, curve 47.1, sheared 4.33 lbs
06/03/202325.2 5.0 19.9 SF 24.3 CF 89.3, staple 77mm, curve 47.1, sheared 5.17 lbs
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