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Stirling Ridge HAZELNUT


Alpaca , Huacaya , Open (Female) |Proven |Dark Fawn

AOA# 30432833 | DOB: 8/28/2006

Sire: DUNCAN of Stirling Ridge

18 YEARS & 20.8 micron, CF 95%

DUNCAN of Stirling Ridge

Huacaya Herdsire (Male) Dark Fawn

AOA# 836185 DOB: 5/27/200220 yrs
Nice boy! And in fair shape for his old 19 years. I've been using him often to spit-check my bred girls and he definitely is able to breed. If bought, we ask that you give him some TLC in the way of extra nutrition to keep his weight up: alfalfa or chow. Here are his 2020 EPD results: AFD, value .54, likely to give cria a higher fiber diameter than average, ranked 91% SDAFD, value +.216, likely to give cria a less uniform fleece than average, ranked 93.5% Spi ...
  | AOA# 836185 | Dark Fawn
Dam: NWA, Ltd. EBONY
  | 30432833 | True Black |

Caligula genetics w/color

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An amazing price and not a thing wrong with her; we are REALLY motivated to sell some alpacas to make room in the barn. Trying to downsize!

Add $250 and you may choose any of our boys that you would like to breed her to. (A great deal! Dirk's breeding fee is usually $1000 and he'd make a super choice.) IF YOU WANT, you may leave her here on our farm until she births. Your cost will be $30/month once she is confirmed pregnant.

Choose her next breeding to our own finely-fleeced Dirk or McTavish. Check out the their yearly EPD
histograms results. Excellent! These boys have lingering fineness which is an heritable trait. It seems a sure bet they will upgrade Hazelnut's cria. Notice Hazel's daughter Rhiannon has a finer micron than Hazelnut, the result of a finer stud.

She's a sturdy and petite little paca that you will find quite easy to work with. She has a pleasant personality--even when pregnant! She amuses me. After throwing regular ole hay in the bucket, she will stand at the gate watching to see if I go to the "special pile"—alfalfa. If I grab a handful and start for her gate, she'll leap straight up in the air—just once! You can almost hear her say "YIPPEE! Treats!"

In the reproduction department: Hazelnut is a proven dam and did a super job with her first cria, Rhiannon, sired by another amazing stud, Premier's RUBIO (MRG). Rhiannon has Caligula, black/grey Zorro, and Snowmass Black Legend and Bueno genetics.

Hazelnut has black points on her eyes, ears, and muzzle from her black dam. She has a stocky, boxy, compact frame (like her sire Duncan) and is on the petite side at 125 lbs. She's got an adorable face, nice wedge-shaped head, and huge expressive eyes.

Reproductive and 14-day live birth guarantees, free board for 1 month, free delivery within 100 miles.

You might also consider our RENT-A-WOMB plan with her. You choose one of the many excellent studs available locally to our farm and pay the stud fee. Or use one of our own excellent stud choices and take 25% off their regular breeding fee. Our girl stays here on the farm and you pay her "womb rental" fee ($50/mo) until she delivers. You get to use our alpaca to produce the cria of your choice without the expense of buying an adult female or tending her for 11-12 months. If you decide later, before the birth, that you'd like to buy her, you can apply the rental fees toward her purchase price. Interested? Give us a call and we'll tell you the details.

Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/05/200719.8 4.5 22.6 CF 96.9 CRV 34.9
06/05/200823.6 5.0 21.2 CF 90.3 CRV 37.0 Sheared 6.58 lbs.
06/02/200928.3 6.6 23.3 CF 67 CRV 34, staple 85mm, Sheared 8.7 lbs.
05/26/201026.7 6.5 24.4 22.7>30, sheared 6.6 lbs.
05/28/201126.0 6.4 24.8 19%.30, sheared 6.78 lbs.
06/09/201227.1 7.1 26.1 22.6>30%
06/12/201326.6 7.8 29.4 CF 77.1, staple 77.8mm, curve 35.1, sheared 5.65 lbs.
06/11/201424.8 6.6 26.4 CF 86.1%, staple 71.0mm, curve 37.4, sheared 6.05 lbs.
06/09/201524.6 6.6 27.0 CF 86.2%, staple 62.6mm, curve 37.6, sheared 4.56 lbs.
06/05/201725.8 7.0 27.2 CF 82.3%, SF 26.6, staple 62.4mm, curve 33.5, sheared 5.17 lbs.
Purchase Terms

We realize everyone's situation is different and we are willing to draw up terms agreeable to both parties. Don't hesitate to ask for a plan that works for you.


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