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What It Cost to Care for 20 Alpacas in 2015

Since we are doing our taxes, we need real figures on hay, meds, straw, vitamins, shearing, etc.
What does it cost to take care of the alpacas per year? I am not including gas to run the truck and the lawn tractor to mow the fields. Just the basics on our herd of 20 animals.

Hay, alfalfa, help to load the hay and alfalfa, straw, and minerals cost $1555 for the year.
Divide that out by 20 and you get $77.72/animal/year.
That is the equivalent of 22 CENTS per DAY!

Shearing Day 5/28/2011

We just completed our shearing for our 19 animals and an additional 2 from friends of ours. This is a big day to get ready for, cleaning pens, cleaning fleeces from a winter's worth of junk in the barn and in the fleece!

This year we used Wade Kuhl to shear the animals. He was very pleasant to work with. He has an efficient system of a long bar that holds the ties for the alpaca's feet with a gymnastic mat to cushion the animal on the floor and the knees of everyone working on the ani