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Stirling Ridge Alpacas


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Black and white, $45

White and brown, $35 SOLD!

Brown and black, SOLD!

100% alpaca, 2 colors each sheet

FELTED SHEET with duo colors

Price: $1.80

Options & Payment

Order by Phone: (208) 301-2121

Shipping & Handling

Please call Deb at 208-301-2121 and I will figure out the best way to ship this to your location.

Product Specs

  • 100% alpaca fleece
  • Felted sheets
  • 4 feet x 3 feet

Product Description

These felted sheets measure a big 36" x 48". The fluff around the border in NOT part of that measurement.
It is approximately 1/8" deep.

This was produced from our own alpacas on our farm. The machine that felts it leaves an embossed impression, but I think with use or working with the felt that will disappear.

Nice stuff for all your fun projects!

1 sheet black and white, weighs 26 oz., $45
1 sheet white and brown, weighs 20 oz., SOLD!
Brown and black felt has SOLD!