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Grade 2, Superfine yarn

Comfort Factor of 97%


Spin Fineness 20.6 micron, 97% CF

WALLACE yarn, dark fawn, SUPERFINE

Price: $5.50

Options & Payment

Order by Phone: (208) 301-2121

Shipping & Handling

Please call Deb at 208-301-2121 and I will figure out the best way to ship this to you, considering your location and how many skeins you buy.

Product Specs

  • Grade 2
  • Superfine yarn
  • 3-ply
  • Sport weight
  • Dark fawn color
  • Gorgeous!

Product Description

This yarn has been spun from Wallace's fleece.
He was graded at 20.6 micron spin fineness which translates to a grade 2, superfine yarn. Nice!
Comfort factor is 97.2% which means 97% of the people wearing this next to their skin will find it comfortable.

I have 4 skeins total. Price is per ounce.
Skein 1: 5.25 oz, price $28.85, approx. 157 yards
Skein 2: 5.25 oz, price $28.85, approx. 157 yards
Skein 3: 5.00 oz, price $27.50, approx. 150 yards
Skein 4: 3.50 oz, price $19.25, approx. 105 yards

This is a fine yarn that will not withstand heavy use.
Great for items worn next to the skin and light use.