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Safe, quarantined boarding, BVDV-free


Call to Order: 208-301-2121
If you are simply looking for a place to keep your new animals while you get your own barns and fences ready, we are happy to care for your alpacas until you can bring them home. They will get the same daily attention we give our own "kids."

On the other hand, if you are you having concerns about the reproductive abilities of your females or studs, we are just minutes away from one of the best reproductive specialists, Dr. Tibary, at WSU! We greatly enjoy working with the docs there and highly recommend them. Boarding for animals being seen at WSU is our specialty!

We have roomy quarantine pens with shelter to house your alpaca(s), and we keep incoming animals separate for a month from other boarding animals and our own herd, as recommended by WSU for herd health. Other alpacas are nearby and in sight, so no one feels lonely! The perimeter of our pastures are protected by 6 foot high, no-climb horse fencing for safety from any outside threats.

We will transport your alpaca to WSU for appointments, then inform you by phone or email the same day with information and results of the visit.

$3.00/day + transporting costs to WSU.
Referrals from many happy customers available.

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