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Diomedes' DIRK

3 KEY characteristics: uniformity, fineness, consistency

Dirk has gotten high marks for his uniformity, fineness, and consistency from objective outside sources:

At the 2010 NW Alpaca Showcase he got the blue showing before Judge Jill McLeod who said (several times) she was impressed with his fineness and consistency at midside, hip, and shoulder--right into the belly and neck.

At the 2010 AOBA National Spin-Off, Dirk took a 3rd out of 14 entries (his half sister Vanora, also a Diomedes' kid, took 1st). Judge Judy Keske said his crimp was consistent to the tip, had easy bundles and drafted well.

Entered in the 2010 Alpacapalooza Spin-Off his entry took a 3rd place with Judge L.M. Smith noting he had very nice fineness and exceptional hand.

Robyn Kuhl, sorting for the North American Alpaca Fiber Producers (NAAFP), said he scored an 8 for brightness, 8 for density, and a 9 for uniformity. Anything above 7 is above average.
Fiber stats (Ian Watt):
10.5 mos: 15.8   3.3   20.9  CF 100, curve 43.0, staple 110mm
22 mos.:   17.5   3.8   21.6  CF 100, curve 44.0, staple 100mm
34 mos.:   19.3   3.8   19.9  CF 98.8, curve 44.9, staple 100mm
47 mos.:   20.9   4.3   20.4  CF 96.9, curve 43.0, staple 90mm
5 years:    17.0   3.7   21.6  CF 99.6, curve 60.5, staple 78.2mm, spin fineness 16.7!

DIRK's 2013 EPD results out of 14637 alpacas:
Top 1.4% for AFD, Avg Fiber Diameter
Top 0.6% for SDAFD
Top 1.09% for SF, Spin Fineness
Top 3.1% for %Fibers>30
Top 0.5% for MC, Mean Curvature
Top 1.3% for SDMC

Dirk's brother, McTavish has similar results! Book a breeding with these boys now--limited time on price!

Do these histograms spell fineness and uniformity? Yes, indeed!

We think Dirk is a great bargain for a stud of his quality. It will be hard to beat a drive-by breeding of $?1000. Don't wait to decide!

Fineness, consistency, and uniformity are THE watchwords in the industry.
These assessments about Dirk aren't coming from us (though we'd tell you the same!) but from judges, spinners, sorters, and histograms. They're in agreement, wouldn't you say?

OR if you prefer to leave your girl here for 2 or 3 months, we have small separated pastures with shelter for your female and cria at side, where they will not be mixed with other incoming animals or our herd, as a recommended biosecurity. Add $300 which includes boarding for 2 months AND 5 ultrasounds at WSU with Dr. Tibary (valued at $185), and we will transport to WSU for free.

Dirk can be used as the service stud for many of our Stirling Ridge girls. 

Updated August 29, 2015