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Contract for Breeding

Breeding, Boarding, and Special Services

Stirling Ridge Alpacas

Breeding, Boarding, and Special Services

This contract is for services to be provided by Stirling Ridge Alpacas (the “Farm” or “SRA”) for:

    _____________________________________(the “Owner”).

 The Farm owns a herdsire named:

NAME: ______________________________________________________________________________

ARI Registration No._______________ ,  DOB______________ , Color:__________________   (hereafter called the “Male”).

 The Owner has the following female alpaca (hereafter called the “female”), which the Owner wishes to be bred to the Male:


Owner’s female alpaca’s NAME: ________________________________________________________

ARI Registration No._______________ ,  DOB______________ , Color:__________________

which the Owner wishes to be bred and/or boarded at the Farm.  Special services may be required.


Subject to the terms of this contract, the Farm has agreed to breed the Male to this female for a fee of

$   _________    __(______________ dollars)         (the “Breeding Fee”); this is the cost of a drive-by breeding fee with the owner bringing their female to the farm of the stud; the breeding fee is due before the first breeding.

If the owner’s desire, an additional fee of _$375 (three hundred seventy-five dollars) provides for 60 days of boarding at SRA for the female being bred at SRA, and for a package of 5 ultrasounds at WSU, and for transport to and from WSU for 4 ultrasounds. The 5th ultrasound is typically done at 3 months. The owner may transport the female to WSU for the 5th ultrasound or may opt to pay SRA to do so.       

The additional fee of $375 will be paid by the owner to two parties: WSU will be paid $250 (or current fee) for the package of 5 ultrasounds at WSU; AND SRA will be paid $120 for 60 days of boarding and transport of the female for 4 ultrasounds.

The Owner will be billed directly by WSU for all reproductive services offered at WSU.  Additional services may be required depending on the status of the female’s reproductive condition and will also be billed to the Owner.

If medical personnel at WSU advise that the female be brought to WSU for any services other than the 5 ultrasounds provided by SRA, the owner will be charged for transportation services to WSU. Transportation will be billed to the Owner at the rates listed in the Special Services section of this agreement and the charge will be prorated if other animals are taken at the same time.

A boarding fee of $3.00 per day will be charged for the female after 60 days  (described above) of being boarded at SRA. 

For animals boarding only, or for animals who are at the Farm for a rebreeding as outlined in the Guarantees below, boarding fees of $3.00 per day per animal will be charged for each day each alpaca is kept by the Farm. This fee applies to any alpaca 3 months and older.  The Farm will invoice the owner monthly, with payment due 15 days after receipt.

 Owner’s Representations:

The Owner represents that, to the best of his/her knowledge, the female alpaca (and cria at her side, if any), is healthy and free of all disease. The Owner further represents that, except as disclosed in writing to the Farm, the female alpaca has never had a problem with obtaining or maintaining a pregnancy, has never had a problem birthing, has never given birth to a stillborn cria or a cria with a congenital defect, and has no family history of congenital defects. PRIOR TO the Owner’s delivery of the female to the Farm, the Owner shall provide each of the items marked “yes” below:

         YES__   A copy of the ARI registration form for the female.

    YES       Any information in the Owner’s possession of any known genetic defects in the female or any of her offspring or ancestors.

     YES      Any material information in the Owner’s possession concerning any prior health problems of the dam, including reproductive problems.  Please give a brief history of the female’s prior pregnancies, births, unsuccessful breeding attempts, stillbirths, dystocias, and any breeding attempts or exposure of her to males up to 30 days before the scheduled breeding date at this Farm.                                                                           

            NO          A current health certificate (within 14 days) from a licensed large animal veterinarian, that certifies both the female alpaca’s and cria’s vaccinations and de-worming are current and that the alpacas are sound, in good health, clear of any internal or external parasites, any diseases identified and controlled by state law, and all infections.

            YES_      A list of all vaccinations, immunizations administered, and de-worming medication given in the last 12 months for the female and for her cria. Include name of product used, date administered, and dosage.

        __YES_     A negative BVDV test certified from a licensed large animal veterinarian.

        __YES_     A fecal sample taken by WSU to be arranged by the Farm 30 days after arrival for BOARDING ONLY. Charges will be billed directly to the Owner. Cost is about $25-30.

            NO          A sample of fiber from the female taken from the blanket area, and a photograph of the female.

           YES         Proof of current full mortality insurance for the female alpaca (and cria at side, if any), or a written statement that the Owner has elected to be self-insured. If you self insure, initial here: _________

                            If your alpaca(s) are insured, write the name and phone number of the company here:


 Breeding Management:

The Farm will breed the female alpaca to the Male in such a manner and for such frequency and times as the Farm deems sufficient to obtain a confirmed pregnancy at WSU. The usual pre-breeding exam scheduled by the Farm with Washington State University (WSU) will be scheduled to determine whether the female has any obvious reproductive problem, and the best schedule to breed the female to obtain a pregnancy. The Farm prefers dams to be kept at the Farm a minimum of 60 days’ gestation. Subsequent ultrasound tests will establish that the female alpaca has established a successful pregnancy with the Farm’s herdsire. For free rebreeding as discussed specifically in “Guarantees” below, the Owner shall pay the cost of such testing.

 If the Owner should decide for any reason to remove this Female from the Farm prior to a successful breeding, no Breeding Fee will be charged the Owner; however, costs to the Farm, which will include boarding at $3/day, all trips to WSU at the rates quoted in this agreement, and any other documented expenses incurred by the Farm on behalf of the Owner will be paid by the Owner before the Female is removed from the Farm.

 The Farm reserves the option to terminate this Agreement if the female’s condition changes or her behavior is likely to prevent successful breeding or is likely to cause disease, damage, distress, or disruption to other animals or persons.  If the Farm should terminate this Agreement for any reason prior to the completion of the breeding, no Breeding Fee will be required of the Owner; however, costs to the Farm, including boarding, trips to WSU at the rates quoted in the agreement, and any other documented expenses incurred by the Farm on behalf of the Owner will be paid by the Owner before the Female is removed from the Farm.

Any other fees earned by the Farm, as well as any emergency medical expenses or other non-routine expenses incurred and documented by the Farm, will be paid by the Owner before the Female is removed from the Farm .


The Farm has provided the Owner with an opportunity to inspect all of the Farm’s health and reproduction records pertaining to the Male. The Farm hereby guarantees that these records are all of the Farm’s records on the Male and to the best of the Farm’s knowledge, the Male is free of any undisclosed injuries or diseases or congenital problems as of the date of this Agreement.  The Farm has disclosed to the Owner all material facts known by the ranch concerning the condition of the Male. In addition, the Farm will, at the Owner’s request, provide all information the Farm has about the quality, health, and location of the Male’s offspring.  Other than this disclosure and the following “live birth” guarantees, the Farm accepts no liability for congenital defects or other abnormalities in the Male’s offspring.


The following guarantees are provided to the Owner expressly in place of all other guarantees, oral, express, or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness.  No warranties have been made that the sire is in fact free from cosmetic, phenotypic, genetic, conformational, or aesthetic defects, nor that the offspring of this breeding of sire and dam shall be free of defect(s). Except for these guarantees, the Owner assumes all risk inherent in the breeding process.  Except as stated, in the event of a breach of one of these guarantees, the Farm’s obligation under these guarantees is limited to conducting another breeding with the female alpaca without charging the Owner a Breeding Fee.  The Owner is responsible for transportation of the female to and from the Farm for all breedings, for charges billed to the Owner by WSU, for boarding at the Farm, and for reimbursement to the Farm for transportation of the female to WSU.

The Farm guarantees that:

1.     If the female alpaca does not maintain the pregnancy, the Farm will provide a subsequent breeding for that female with the same herdsire at no cost for an additional Breeding Fee. The cost of ultrasound testing and transport fees by SRA will be charged to the owner, under the same terms as imposed under this agreement.

2.     If the female is found to be unable to conceive a pregnancy, the Owner may transfer the breeding to another female within 60 days of this finding.

3.     If the female loses the cria or fetus and becomes unable to conceive or dies before or during birth, the Farm will provide a subsequent breeding with the same Male to another of the Owner’s females at no additional Breeding Fee, under the same terms as imposed by this agreement. However, the cost of boarding, ultrasound testing and transport fees by SRA will be charged to the owner under the same terms in this agreement.

4.     If the Male’s offspring from the female dies at birth or does not survive for 14 days after birth, the Farm will provide a subsequent breeding with the same Male to the female with no additional Breeding Fee, under the same terms as imposed by this agreement. Boarding, ultrasound and transport fees will be paid by the owner.

5.     If re-breeding is required and the same Male is incapable of, or unavailable for breeding, the Farm will provide a breeding with another of the Farm’s solely-owned herdsires of the Owner’s choice at no additional Breeding Fee, under the same terms as imposed by this Agreement.  If the Owner selects another herdsire whose breeding fee is greater than that of the original herdsire selection, the Owner will pay the difference. Otherwise, no additional breeding fee will be charged; however, boarding, ultrasound costs, and the cost of transport made by SRA on behalf of the owner will be paid by the owner.


The Farm will provide each alpaca with the same day-to-day care and routine attention that the Farm provides to its own animals for so long as that alpaca is at the Farm.  The care provided by the Farm will be consistent with the level of care provided by like facilities in the industry and include:         

        1.  The provision of continuous access to water, food, and shelter.

2.  Visual monitoring of the alpacas to identify any obvious injuries or visible signs of illness (diarrhea, inability to walk, or similar conditions) or significant weight loss or lack of weight gain in dams or crias.                                   

If any concern for the health of any alpaca boarded at the Farm should arise, the Farm will attempt to immediately notify and consult with the Owner about the appropriate steps to be taken. In case of emergency and/or the Farm’s inability to contact the Owner, the Owner hereby authorizes the Farm to use its best judgment and agrees to reimburse the Farm for all documented expenses incurred on the Owner’s behalf.

In any event, it is expressly agreed that the Farm is not an insurer of the alpaca’s health and well-being, and will not be responsible for any harm that may befall the alpaca absent obvious and verifiable negligence by the Farm in providing care as described above.  The Owner agrees that his or her sole remedy for any death or injury to any alpaca while it is in the care of the Farm is to seek reimbursement under the terms of the Owner’s insurance policy.   

The Owner agrees to pay all amounts due in full, prior to removing the alpaca(s) from the Farm.  The Owner grants the Farm all necessary lien rights on each alpaca to secure the payment of all fees and expenses, including statutory liens pursuant to Idaho State Law.

Mediation of Any Disputes:

If there is any disagreement over the obligations imposed by this Agreement, all parties agree to resolve the dispute through the use of mediation with each party paying fifty percent of the mediation costs. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the dispute shall be resolved under the guidance of the American Arbitration Association’s mediation rules.

Special Services Terms and Conditions:

1. The Farm agrees to provide the following additional special services at the following rates:  For veterinary treatment and transport of the alpaca to Washington State University (WSU), Pullman, WA, and back to the Farm: the cost of these services shall be charged to the Owner at the rate of $35 per trip to cover gas and time spent in transit and with the veterinarian.  Round trip to WSU is 30 miles and driving time 50 minutes, with 30 to 45 minutes typically spent with the vet. Approximately 2 hours is spent in catching & loading/unloading the alpaca, transport time, and time with the vet.

  a. If therapy involves hands-on treatment at the Farm, the Farm shall charge the Owner at the rate of $18 per hour per person for time spent administering such treatment.

  b. Owner shall be responsible for all veterinary care, supplies, and medications provided or prescribed by WSU facilities for the boarded alpaca.  The Owner shall arrange with WSU for direct billing to the Owner’s address.

c. Owner shall be responsible for special feed supplements required by the alpaca.

d. The Farm shall send an invoice to the Owner for the above services at the beginning of each month for any services provided the previous month. Payment is due within 20 days of receipt.

  e. The fee for birthing and monitoring a newborn cria is $200, and includes one trip to WSU. Any tests desired by the Owner, including drawing blood, general health exam, IgG, BVD, etc. will be paid by the Owner.

  2.  The Owner agrees to provide the Farm with a photo of the resulting cria and a small sample of fiber within two months of the cria’s birth, and agrees to allow the Farm to use the Owner’s name and photo in promotion of the Male.


We agree to all the conditions and terms contained in this contract.

 The Farm:      __________________________________________                                                                   

 Signature(s) of Farm Owner(s): _______________________________________________________________


 DATE _______________________________________________

                              Stirling Ridge Alpacas

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  Owner:    __________________________________________________________________________      

 Owner:   _____________________________                                                                                                                                   Signature(s)                                                                                                                 Date

 Owner(s) Printed Name (s): ______________________________________________________________

Farm Name: ___________________________________________________________________________


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