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Diomedes' McTAVISH of Stirling Ridge


Alpaca , Huacaya , Male |Unproven |White

AOA# 31949392 | DOB: 9/19/2009

Sire: Accoyo America DIOMEDES
Dam: Stirling Ridge KENZIE

15 yrs old: 22 micron 95% CF!

Stirling Ridge KENZIE

Huacaya Open (Female) White

AOA# 1023398 DOB: 6/2/200517 yrs
Kenzie was bred to Bradford and she produced a beautiful dark fawn girl, Rosheen (little Rose) with dark points in Sept 2021. She has produced two of our best boys from Diomedes' breedings. Diomedes is deceased and our two Diomedes boys are also in alpaca heaven. We like Diomedes so well, we bought Bradford, a Diomedes son, with a 17 micron fleece at 10 years, so we were hoping for a beautiful cria, and with color—and got it! 2021 EPD RESULTS (at 16 years): Ranked 68% for AFD, ...
  | AOA# 1023398 | White
We are sad to say that we lost this beautiful boy on Feb 27, 2019. He was a dynamo and we will miss his spunky presence.

2017 histogram: AFD 20.1 SD 4.3 CV 21.4 CF 97.9
As you can see, McTavish has had really nice histograms every year of the 8 years of his life!

His 2016 EPD results are ranked among 21089 males.
Use McTavish as stud & here's what he will likely do for YOUR CRIA:
Top 9% for AFD (—1.343) likely to have finer micron than avg
Top 2% for SDAFD (—0.529) more uniform fleece than avg
Top 7% for Spin Fineness (—1.47) likely to have lower SF
Top 10% for %F>30 (—5.079) likely to have less micron >30
Top 9% for Mean Curvature (+3.129) more crimp than avg
SDMC (+.909) likely to have more uniform crimp than avg
%M (—.234) likely to have less medullation than avg
Fleece Weight (+.384) likely to have heavier FW than avg
Birth Weight (+.421) likely to have higher BW than avg
His only ding was in staple length.

I'm glad to send his EPD for other years if you'd like to see those.
His sire, Accoyo America Diomedes, ranked in the TOP 1% in the 2013 EPD stats for all these: AFD, SDAFD, SF %F>30, MC, SDMC. Phenomenal!

McTavish has genetics from: Guellermo, Michelangelo, Onyx de Mico, Hemingway, Caligula, and Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus and that makes a WOW boy!
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
05/26/201016.8 3.5 20.6 100CF Curve 35 Staple 115mm, sheared 4 lbs. at 8 mo.
05/28/201120.76 3.72 17.9 CF 98.21 115mm, sheared 6.4 lbs.
06/09/201220.50 3.60 17.5 CF 98.6 Curve 41.6 110mm
06/12/201317.5 3.6 20.4 CF 99.5%, staple 84.6mm, curve 50.1, spin fineness 17.0, sheared 6.03 lbs.
06/11/201418.4 3.6 19.4 CF 99.4%, staple 81.0mm, curve 48.6, SF 17.7, sheared 5.97 lbs.
06/09/201519.9 4.8 24.3 CF 98.6%, staple 72.4mm, curve 43.9, SF 20.0, sheared 5.17 lbs.
06/10/201621.4 3.9 18.2 CF 97.6%, staple 71.4mm, curve 44.2, SF 20.4, sheared 5.81 lbs.
06/05/201720.1 4.3 21.4 CF 97.9%, staple 67.8mm, curve 40.4, SF 19.7, sheared 5.31 lbs.
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