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Diomedes' LOGAN of Stirling Ridge


Alpaca , Huacaya , Herdsire (Male) |Proven |Dark Fawn

AOA# 30933446 | DOB: 9/18/2008 (15 yrs)

Sire: Accoyo America Diomedes
Dam: Stirling Ridge KAIT



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Logan is 14 years old now and still producing very nice fleece! He is a Grade 3, "fine" grade and carries the most useable, versatile fleece in the grading system. Use him as a fiber animal at this current price, or add $500 more and use him as stud for your girls. He has coveted Accoyo America Diomedes genetics. Diomedes has brought our farm to a much higher standard!

2022 EPD results show what he should pass on to his cria!
AFD —.808 He should have cria with finer fleeces than average, ranked 34%
SDAFD —.062 His cria should have a more uniform fleece than average, ranked 61%
SF —.853 His cria should have a spin fineness lower than average, ranked 33%
%F>30 —4.18 His cria should have less fibers greater than 30 micron than average, ranked 28%
MC +1.868 He should add curvature (crimp) to his cria's fiber, ranked 29%
SDMC +.912 His cria should have a higher than average uniformity of curvature
%M +.094 His cria will probably have more medullation than average, ranked 69%
MSL +.924 He should add a longer staple length than average, ranked 24%
FW +.478 He should produce heavier fleece weights than average, ranked 19%
BW +.465 His cria should have above average birth weight

PLEASE NOTE: Logan's current price is as a fiber animal. There will be no breeding soundness guarantee, although we are quite sure he can breed.

If you would like to buy him to use him in your breeding program WITH a breeding guarantee, please add $500 to his current price. Included in his purchase AS STUD, Logan will go to WSU for a breeding soundness and health exam. If he doesn't check out for some reason, your money will be refunded completely (less the cost of the breeding soundness exam).

Logan has produced a pretty girl Eilonwy, when he was bred with Finneana. Eilonwy is medium fawn with rose gray on her legs, white socks, and a big star on her forehead.

Logan inherited the bright crimpy fleece and beautiful head of his magnificent sire, Accoyo America Diomedes (was at Grazing Hills Alpacas, sold to a Canadian farm, now deceased). Nice, square conformation. He's a handsome guy and the hulkiest boy on our farm . . . a BIG boy! He is in the 175 lb range. He has a rather shy personality.

Logan has excellent genetics standing behind him: Hemingway, Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus, Federal Express, Zorro PC G188, and a double dose of Caligula.

When purchased as STUD, Logan comes with a reproductive guarantee and breeding soundness exam included before his sale (at WSU by Dr. Tibary & staff). Free board for 1 month. Free delivery within 100 miles.
Scientific Data
Date Details/Notes
06/02/200918.9 3.8 20.2 CF 99.1 Staple 100mm, Curve 39, sheared 3 lbs. 5.75 oz. @ 8.5 mo.
05/26/201021.5 4.0 18.4 CF 96.4 Staple 105mm, Curve 39, sheared 6.56 lbs.
05/28/201122.89 4.5 19.68 CF 92.99 110mm, sheared 8.75 lbs.
06/09/201226.4 5.8 21.9 CF 77.9 Staple 105mm Curve 34.5
06/12/201319.4 4.8 24.9 CF 97.3%, staple 82.6mm, curve 50.8, spin fineness 19.5, sheared 6 lbs.
06/11/201420.1 5.4 26.8 CF 95.5%, staple 77.4, curve 48.4, SF 20.6, sheared 5.375 lbs.
06/09/201519.4 4.7 24.2 CF 97.7%, staple 73.2mm, curve 50.5, SF 19.5, sheared 4.31 lbs.
06/10/201622.0 5.8 26.3 CF 92.2%, staple 88.4mm, curve 43.2, SF 22.5, sheared 6.2 lbs.
06/05/201721.7 5.6 24.8 CF 92.8%, staple 69.6mm, curve 39.8, SF 22.0, sheared 4.23
06/04/201820.2 5.1 25.1 SF 20.4 CF 96.2%, staple 69.6mm, curve 48.1mm, sheared 4.23 lbs.
06/05/201920.0 5.2 25.9 SF 20.4 CF 95.6, Staple 82.4mm, curve 45.2, sheared 4.56 lbs.
06/02/202019.4 4.9 25.1 SF 19.6 CF 96.8, staple 68mm, curve 46.3, sheared 5.33 lbs.
06/02/202019.4 4.9 25.1 SF 19.6 CF 96.8, staple 68mm, curve 46.3, sheared 5.33 lbs.
06/02/202121.8 5.4 24.8 SF 22.0 CF 92.6 MSL 80mm, curve 48.8, sheared 5.02 lbs
06/07/202221.3 5.3 24.8 SF 21.5 CF 94.4%, staple 87mm, curve 47, sheared 4.4 lbs
06/03/202325.1 6.4 25.3 SF 25.4 CF 84.6%, staple 82mm, curve 47.7, sheared 4.89 lbs
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