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Stirling Ridge Alpacas

None finer!

DIRK, June 2014
2014 AOA National Spin-Off champ!

Dirk cria McCheyne: Dirk throws color!

Sweet Pines cria Gelata from Dirk 7/2013

Dirk's first criation, Premier's Stallone, is beige

Sire Accoyo America Diomedes

Fiber / Scientific Data

2018-06-0418.0 3.8 21.0 SF 17.5 CF 99.1%, Curve 59.0, Staple 58.4mm, sheared 4.56 lbs.
6/5/17(9 yrs) 16.7 4.2 24.8 CF 98.8%, SF 16.8, curve 63.8, staple 63.8mm, sheared 4.34 lbs.
6/10/16(8 yrs) 19.3 4.5 23.2 CF 98.3, curve 54.5, SF 19.1, staple 73.4mm, sheared 4.875 lbs.
6/9/15(7 yrs) 18.1 4.2 22.9 CF99 curve 53.0, SF 18.0, xgzpld 64.6, sheared 4.53 lbs.
6/11/14(6 yrs) 17.9 3.7 20.6 CF 99.3 curve 54.2, SF 17.4, staple 70.2, sheared 5.42 lbs.
6/12/13(5 yrs) 17.0 3.7 21.6 CF 99.6 curve 60.5, spin fineness 16.7, staple 78.2, sheared 5.61 lbs. (Yo-McC)
6/9/2012(4 yrs) 20.9 4.3 20.4 CF 96.9 Curve 43.0 staple 90mm
5/28/2011(34 mo) 19.3 3.8 19.9 CF 98.8 Curve 44.9 staple 100mm, sheared 7.4 lbs.
5/28/2010(22 mo) 17.5 3.8 21.6 CF 100, Curve 44, staple 100, sheared 6.18 lbs.
6/2/2009(10.5 mo) 15.6 3.2 20.3 CF 99.7 (Yocom-McColl testing)
6/2/2009(10.5 mo) 15.8 3.3 20.9 CF 100, Curve 43.0, staple 110mm, sheared 4 lb 15 oz. (OFDA testing)

WOW! 10 YEARS,18 micron, 99% CF

Diomedes' DIRK of Stirling Ridge

ARI# 31414913   D.O.B. 7/12/2008 (13 yrs)

Huacaya, Male, Proven | White

5/8 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian, 1/8 Chilean
Sire: Accoyo America Diomedes | ARI# 1201215  | White |
Dam: Stirling Ridge KENZIE | ARI# 1023398  | White 

We must say, with much sadness, Dirk is no longer with us. He had a urinary blockage and had to be put down on May 11, . The vets at WSU tried valiantly to save him, but it was obvious to all that he was going downhill. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord! Job 1:21 He was a phenomenal male.
Look at his 2018 histogram. He's TEN years old. Do you think that might mean lingering fineness? This boy just keeps on amazing us!

In 2018, I did a search on OpenHerd of white proven 1/2 Accoyo Peruvian studs, 2 to 9 years old in the U.S. 42 white studs came up with stud fees ranging from $200 to $3500. The interesting thing is that of those 42 studs, only 6 had a recent histogram from 2016 or 2017. There were NO STUDS with recent histograms that had a micron under 21.

This piqued my interest so I did a search on Alpaca Nation and pulled up 67 white studs, 6-10 years. Of those, only 6 had a recent histogram (2016-17). Of those, the best was a 5-year-old with an 18.3 micron (very presentable!) There were famous farm progeny and even an Aga Khan son and most had no recent histogram.
The fact that Dirk is 10 years with a 18 micron is rather phenomenal!

He did us proud with his 2018 EPD results

Top 3% in AFD with —1.908 value: his progeny should have lower than average AFD
Top 1.5% in SDAFD with —.602 value: progeny should have more uniformity than average
TOP 1.5 in Spin Fineness, —2.145 value: progeny should have lower SF than average
TOP 5% in %F>30, —6.265 value: progeny should have less micron >30 than average
TOP 3% in mean curvature, +5.444 value: progeny should have more crimp than average
SDMC, value +2.041:progeny should have more uniform crimp than average
%Medullation, value —1.024: progeny should have less medullation
Fleece Weight, value +.241: progeny should have heavier FW than average

ALL of these are POSITIVE fleece characteristics. His only ding was in staple length. We recommend you choose your girls with the LONGEST staple length and the coarsest fleece and see how Dirk will improve them.

Click to see a copy of the CONTRACT for a herdsire breeding.

Excellent 2014 EPD results of 16828 alpacas:
Top 1% SDAFD
Top 1% Mean Curvature
Top 2% Spin Fineness & SDMC
Top 3% AFD
Top 4% %F>30

And . . . DIRK won the 2014 AOA National Spin-Off!

His sire, Accoyo America Diomedes (now deceased), ranked in the top 1% in the 2013 EPD stats for all these: AFD, SDAFD, SF %F>30, MC, SDMC.

(find more in file: Dirk info


First place, Alpaca Breeders Assn. National Spin-Off
First place, NWAS 2010, competitive yearling class of 8
Judge Jill McLeod gave him top rating in fineness and consistency on midside, hip, shoulder, right into the belly and neck
AOBA National Spin-off 2010, 3rd of 14 (Dirk's sister Vanora edged him out and took 1st place ;)
Judge Judy Keske said his crimp was consistent to the tip, had easy bundles to pick and drafted well.
2010 Alpacapalooza Spin-off, Judge L.M. Smith's comments: "very nice fineness, exceptional hand, very nice softness, enjoyed spinning!"


Small guy ready for big results!
ARI# 35317364   D.O.B. 9/27/2013 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Jr. Herdsire (Male)| Medium Fawn, Unproven
Sire: Diomedes' DIRK of Stirling Ridge
Dam: Rubio's RHIANNON of Stirling Ridge
McCheyne (pronounced McShane) is a handsome little lad with a great heritage. His 2020 histogram is quite nice! NOTICE all those nice hist...

Stirling Ridge Alpacas - Moscow, ID

Small, sturdy, handsome!
Stud Fee:
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Updated 10/2/2020