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Stirling Ridge Alpacas

None finer!

Solid, square, proud. June 2014
Stunning head, very dense topknot

Cria's sire Grazing Hills Ephraim

Vanora's beige cria born July 2016

2009: 15.3 3.5 22.8 CF100 CRV38

Accoyo America Diomedes, Vanora's sire

Fiber / Scientific Data

2018-06-0420.1 4.5 22.6 SF 19.8 CF 97.0, staple 66.4mm, curve 50.7, sheared 6.22 lbs.
6/5/1720.3 5.6 27.7 CF 94.7%, staple 60.6mm, curve 49.2, SF 21.1, sheared 5.83 lbs.
6/10/1620.5 4.7 22.7 CF 96.1%, staple 75.8, curve 48.6, SF 20.2, sheared 7.40 lbs.
6/9/1518.7 4.6 24.7 CF 97.7%, staple 71.4, curve 47.4, SF 18.8, sheared 6.28 lbs.
6/11/1417.8 4.4 24.5 CF 98.6, staple 78, curve 48.7, SF 17.9, sheared 7.79 lbs.
6/12/1316.9 4.2 24.6 CF 99.2, staple 84.2, curve 53.1, spin fineness 17.0, sheared 7.7 lbs.
6/9/201222.3 4.9 21.9 CF 93.2 Staple 90mm, Curve 37.7
5/28/201120.3 4.28 21.1 CF 96.7 96.7mm staple, sheared 9.23 lbs! (checked twice!)
5/26/201017.1 3.5 20.7 100 CF Curve 47 Min 16.5 Max 18.0 Staple 90mm, sheared 6.0 lbs.
Jun 2 200915.3 3.49 22.77 CF 100 Staple length 95mm, Curve 38.0, sheared 5.5 8.5 months

10 yrs: 20.1 micron, 97% CF WOW

Diomedes' VANORA of Stirling Ridge

ARI# 31414920   D.O.B. 9/19/2008  (10 yrs)

Huacaya, Female, Proven | White

1/2 Peruvian, 1/2 Bolivian
Sire: Accoyo America Diomedes | ARI# 1201215  | White |
Dam: CMR Bolivian KUPCAKE | ARI# 804394  | Dark Fawn |

Vanora delivered a beautiful beige female cria (Valorie) July 2016. Valorie's sire is a magnificent stud, Grazing Hills Ephraim, who is bay black. Both her mama and her sire have heavy shearing weights combined with FINE fleece. No wonder this is the pairing we've been most excited about--and now to see how this little girl shapes up! Looking good already!

Vanora's histogram is now posted--very nice! Click on "histogram" for the full report. She has consistently been one of our heaviest fleece weights while being one of our lowest micron. That is a combo we want to keep and reproduce!

[Remember this gal is going on 11 years old!] EPD report for 2018:
Vanora is in the top 1% again for Fleece Weight, ranking 124 of 44969 in the nation!
She has positive traits for every fleece characteristic.

Top 7% for AFD, value —1.458: likely to give a finer AFD than average
Top 16% for SDAFD, value —0.28:likely to give more uniform fleece
Top 6% for Spin Fineness, —1.533: likely to give lower SF than avg
Top 7% for %F>30, value —5.549: likely to have less micron >30
Top 14% for mean curvature, value 2.484: likely to give more curve
SDMC, value 1.155: likely to have more uniform curve
%M, value —.462: likely to have less medullation than average
Top 20% for Mean Staple Length, value +1.248: likely to give longer SL
TOP 1% for Fleece Weight, value +1.097: likely to give heavier FW
Birth Weight, value +.285: likely to have higher BW cria than avg

EPD report for 2015:
Top 3.4% AFD
Top 3% Spin Fineness
Top 5% %F>30
Top 1% for Fleece Weight, in fact she was 143rd out of 35933 which is 0.39% !

Stellar EPD stats for 2014:

Top 2% AFD and Spin Fineness AND Fleece Weight
Top 3% %F>30
Top 4% SD Mean Curvature
Top 5% Mean Curvature

Vanora took the BLUE in her age group for the 2010 AOBA National Spin-Off. Her 2 year histogram shows why: 17.2 3.5 20.7 CF 100%, Curve 47. Her 3rd year clip was 9.25 lbs. of 20 micron blanket! Fine micron with a heavy shear weight adds up to density. Sometimes I secretly wish she were a stud!

We used Robyn Kuhl from Coarse Broads and the NAAFP cooperative to sort our fiber in 2011. Vanora scored a 9 for brightness and a 9 for uniformity, an 8 for density, and had a high secondary to primary ratio. Anything above 7 is above average.

Vanora has presence, size, attitude, beautiful conformation, fabulous, lustrous, crimpy fleece. She's out of our best, Kupcake, and gorgeous sire Accoyo America Diomedes who leaves his signature "look" on his kids. She's our top notch foundation female and a keeper!


2010 AOBA National Spin-off, 1st out of 14, juvenile class
2010 Great Western Spin-off, 4th of 5 entries, judge's comments: "Beautiful! very soft, strong crimp and staple character, very dense, lovely yarn with lots of loft, very bright, very soft!"
Northwest Alpaca Showcase White Juvenile Females April 2009


Heavenly APRICOT 15 micron fleece
ARI# 35355960   D.O.B. 7/27/2016 (3 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Beige, 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian, Unproven
Dam: Diomedes' VANORA of Stirling Ridge
Service Sire: King Hezekiah at Grazing Hills
Valorie has our best alpaca, Vanora, as her mama and the beautiful bay black Grazing Hills Ephraim as her sire. She has recently been bred to beautifu...

Stirling Ridge Alpacas - Moscow, ID

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