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None finer!

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Muireall beautiful MB color 2014
Muireall, alert & proud 2014

Muireall's first cria, Khloë, June 2016

Cria from Snowmass Snow Legend

Muireall's dam Kupcake 2014

Murieall's ribbon winning fleece

Fiber / Scientific Data

2018-06-0421.3 5.1 24.1 SF 21.3 CF 96.3%, staple 63.6mm, curve 44.2mm, sheared 4.36 lbs.
6/5/1720.8 5.8 27.9 CF 95.1, SF 21.6, staple 68.2mm, curve 50.8, sheared 3.56 lbs.
6/10/1622.4 5.4 24.2 CF 93.8, staple 77.4mm, curve 39.4, sheared 4.42 lbs.
6/9/1522.3 5.8 26.1 CF 93.0, staple 74.8mm, curve 39.3, sheared 4.30 lbs.
6/11/1421.4 5.0 23.4 CF 95.4, staple 68.2mm, curve 43.4, sheared 5.48 lbs.
6/12/1324.8 5.7 22.9 CF 86.5, staple 93mm, curve 34.3, sheared 5.55 lbs.
6/9/201225.9 - 5.4 - 20.9 - 15.9%>30
5/28/201124.6 5.2 21.1 11.9%>30, sheared 7.33 lbs.
5/26/1025.0 5.0 20.2 CF 86.7 CRV 29.3 Staple 110mm Sheared 8.3 lbs.
Jun 2 200924.3 5.0 20.5 CF 89.2 CRV 31 Staple 120mm Sheared 7.55 lbs.
Jun 5 200820.8 4.3 20.6 CF 96.7 CRV 28 Staple 130mm Sheared 5.34 lbs.


Stirling Ridge MUIREALL

ARI# 30933460   D.O.B. 6/25/2007  (12 yrs)

Huacaya, Female, Proven | Medium Brown

1/4 Peruvian, 3/4 Bolivian
Sire: Alpha Romeo of Genesis  | ARI# 840345  | Light Fawn |
Dam: CMR Bolivian KUPCAKE | ARI# 804394  | Dark Fawn |


$3,000 Gorgeous MB COLOR
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2016 EPD results, the good stuff:
AFD, value —.081: her cria are likely to have a finer fleece than the breed average
Spin Fineness, value —.014: her cria are like to have an SF lower than the breed average
%F>30, value —2.255: her cria are likely to have less micron >30 than breed average
Mean Staple Length, value +3.445: her cria are likely have longer staple length than average
Fleece Weight, value +.503: her cria are likely to have heavier FW than average
Birth Weight, value +.107: her cria are likely to have higher BW than average

Muireall delivered her first cria (as a 9-year-old maiden) without a hitch in June 2016! This female cria, Khloë, from Snowmass Snow Legend (Rockford Bay Ranch), was over 17 lbs. at birth. She is cute as a button, bright, lively, grew like a weed, and is now as big as her mama. Muireall has provided lots of milk even though first time older dams often don't.

Snow Legend is a Peruvian Snowmaster grandson & a Snowmass Incaaccoyo Star (I-Star) son. Snowmaster genetics are rare since he was sent to Australia, then re-imported into Peru, one of the only U.S.-born herdsires back in Peru that we know of. His son, Incaccoyo Star (I-star) is now co-owned by Cas-cad-nac Farms and Tripping Gnome on the East coast. Here's what they say: "I-Star is one of the few full-blooded ACCOYO males to come out of his amazing sire [Snowmaster]. He has all the fiber density, crimp, and fineness one would expect of his lineage."

We love Muireall's color. She had an EXCELLENT histogram considering her color for 2014 with 21.4 micron and 95.4% comfort factor and that at SEVEN years! Now she is nine years old--see her histogram which is better than 2015. She's big and pretty, with lots of presence, color, and pacovicuna genes. We find Muireall to be quite a stunning creature amongst our favorite kids. This girl never slumps but is always very erect and upright, bright and energetic. If she were a horse I'd call her "spirited."

Muireall came into the world unassisted, weighing in at 20 lbs., and a high IgG score of almost 3000. She has a very silky feel to her luscious medium brown fiber. Her first year fleece was sold to a spinner and weaver with rave reviews ( Getting my hands in it and working to get it ready to ship to the spinner gave me a totally new appreciation of how beautiful a fiber it was. We saved 2 oz. for the Great Western Show spin-off in Colorado and won first place! Huzzah!

Reproductive guarantee along with 14-day live birth guarantee, 2 months free board, confirmation of pregnancy ultrasound at WSU, free transport to your farm within 100 miles.


2010 Northwest Alpaca Showcase Dark Huacaya Fleece Championship (15 entries, winner was juvenile) Wini Labrecque, judge
2010 Northwest Alpaca Showcase Fleece Show, Dark Yearling Huacaya
2010 Northwest Alpaca Showcase adult halter show
Great Western Alpaca Show Spin-Off 2009
Northwest Alpaca Showcase 2009
We realize everyone's situation is different and we are willing to draw up terms agreeable to both parties. Don't hesitate to ask for a plan that works for you.


ARI# 35317357   D.O.B. 6/21/2016 (3 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, 5/8 Peruvian, 3/8 Bolivian, Unproven
Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend
Dam: Stirling Ridge MUIREALL
We are SO EXCITED to have our first Snowmass cria! Khloë's sire is Snowmass Snow Legend who has quite a remarkable background. Khloë's dam is our own ...

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