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Stirling Ridge Alpacas

None finer!

Brodie in full fleece
Brodie as cria

Head as mature boy

Head as cria


True black dam, Eilinoir

Fiber / Scientific Data

2018-06-0433.0 8.8 26.8 SF 33.9 CF 47.0%!, staple 70.6mm, curve 27.2mm, sheared 4.18 lbs.
June 5, 201731.7 8.4 26.4 CF 54.2, staple 78.2, curve 23.3, sheared 4.18 lbs.
June 12, 201328.9 6.8 23.5 CF 70.6, staple 89.8, curve 28.7, sheared 4.44 lbs.
May 28, 201131.4 6.2 19.8 47.8%.30, sheared 5.53 lbs.
May 26 201030.1 6.3 21.0 36.4%>30, sheared 5.93 lbs.
Jun 2 200929.4 6.4 21.8 34.2% >30, sheared 5.75 lbs.
Jun 5 200826.9 6.2 23.1 CF 79.0 CRV 22.0 Staple 105mm Sheared 4.5 lbs.


Stirling Ridge BRODIE

ARI# 30933453   D.O.B. 6/26/2007  (11 yrs)

Huacaya, Male, Non-Breeder | Bay Black

3/8 Peruvian, 5/8 Chilean
Sire: Paradise Ridge Camlet  | ARI# 821778  | Beige |
Dam: EILINOIR | ARI# 832748  | True Black 


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Brodie's 2014 histogram came out nicer than in the past! At SEVEN years old and bay black he is at 25.4 micron with a 4.8 standard deviation, a CoV of 18.8%, and a comfort factor of 88.4%. We were actually surprised. He would make a very nice fleece boy.

A Camilio grandson with Vengador and Zorro blood. Beautiful bay black color with silver gray genetics on the dam's side. Sturdy framed, straight legs, handsome head. Shy personality, non-aggressive, easy to lead and load. He has not been gelded.

Even with his good genetics, we do not see him as stud material. He sheared 5.75 lbs. of fleece, but isn't particularly dense and his micron is too high to be stud quality. But his color is quite beautiful and quite rare and can certainly be used in rugs and outerwear. Robyn Kuhl sorted fiber for us and gave him a high mark of 9 (7 is average) for his brightness and commented on what a gorgeous rug his fiber would make.

Only 4% of registered alpacas are bay black. Visitors always notice this guy because of his deep bittersweet chocolate color and claim him as one of their favorite colors. We love this delicious color! This is a steal of a deal for you felters and spinners out there!

Updated 3/23/2019